Thursday, 13 February 2014

Primi Blue Soothing Motion Cradle

RM 290

Blue Soothing Motion Cradle

Available : Sky Blue.

Appliances Auto cradle. (Battery Size AA, 4 batteries) or USB power cable Primi brand products in Italy has been rocking the music speeds up.
Suitable for children from birth until 18 month profile.
Use low gear to rock silent durable .
Foldable, easy to carry.
Adjustable speed swing has 6 levels.
Sounding lullaby 15 songs, adjust the volume to the third level.
Savings usable light long bale rock AA 4 batteries for up to 24 hours.
Has suspended two players for the skill development of children.
With straps to prevent child falls while rock
Designed to ensure the safety of children. Swinging leg to stand at a distance. Peg children.
Stand on slippery
Comes with USB cable and a mosquito net.
Could set auto shutdown for 15/30/45 minutes.
Has a handle for moving.
Is rocking rocking rocking up and down, right and left do not make children lose balance, nausea and vomiting, which may affect long-term development of children. sizes:. 115x65x75 cm (size cradle system when unfolded). 88x52x28 cm. (Internal size cribs). ** suitable for children. 0-18 months